Arwen’s 1 Year Ampuversary

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Arwen had her one year ampuversary!! One year ago, September 17th, Arwen had her left, front leg amputated. It was a hard decision (and the worst night ever), but here we all are, a year later! And what a year!

Arwen got to spend the winter playing in the snow:


She got to go on a snowboarding trip to Washington:



She got to go on two trips to the beach:


She got to hang out with her cousins:



She got to go on an Idaho-Montana road trip, where she got to see Flathead Lake for the first time:


She got to go on lots of hikes:


She got to spend lots of time swimming! (Always with a life jacket now. Just as a precaution, and it seems to make things easier on her.) :



She got to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas:


She went on a couple river trips and got to see a new waterfall:


She got to go camping:


But mostly, she got to spend time with us:



It would really take too long to detail everything we have gotten to do with Arwen this last year. We went for approximately 277 walks, enjoyed hundreds of hugs and cuddles, and shared thousands of kisses.

We get to fall asleep with Arwen in our bed each night, and wake up to her smiling, happy face every morning.

I am so glad my husband and I made the decision to amputate Arwen’s leg a year ago. It took away her pain and lengthened her life. I am grateful for every single minute I get to spend with this sweet angel. I have no idea how much longer I get to have her with us, but I would never give this year back. Despite the surgery, despite the chemo visits, we got so much happy, vet-free, pain-free time. I can look back and say everything we did was worth it.




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