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Arwen 14 Months Post Op

I just wanted to give an Arwen pupdate! But there’s actually not a lot to say. Arwen is still living her best life. She makes us happy every day, and I’m sure we’re making her happy, too. She still seems perfectly healthy, though, as I’ve mentioned before, we have decided not to do chest xrays every 3 months like her vet recommended. We will probably settle on every 6 months, which means we’ll do her next xrays in February. But for now, we’re just cherishing each memory!

Here are some recent pics of her!

This is Arwen’s fall season pic wearing a leaf crown.


This was our family dressed up on Halloween.


We recently got snow on the mountains near our home, which Arwen is ESTATIC about.


We went on a snowshoeing trip this weekend. We usually don’t take Arwen on walks longer than 1 mile to 1.5 miles, but took a wrong turn that turned it into a 3 mile hike. Arwen got really tired and kept stopping to rest, so my husband carried her back the last 3/4 of a mile.



Best wishes to all of our fellow tripawd families! And to all the pups out there fighting osteosarcoma, too.


6 thoughts on “Arwen 14 Months Post Op”

  1. Look at YOU! Oh my gosh Arwen, I just can’t get over how pawesome you look and all the fun you are still having. CONGRATULATIONS! You ROCK THE TRIPAWD LIFE!!!

    You are why we do what we do. I mean it! When the sad skeptics of the world say that big dogs can’t be Tripawds, they obviously haven’t met you. Your life is everything that we hope for all dogs and especially the big ones. Everything you do is full of such joy and perseverance, you are a role model for animals and humans alike.


  2. You just light me up with joy after reading this and seeing these delightful pictures!!! Cannot stop grinning!

    Seeing Arwen loving the snow and so Happy being with his hoomans is priceless!

    Thank you for sharing this update. As Jerry said, seeing Arwen living his best life is why we do what we do. He is such an inspawration, especially for bigger pups!

    We salute you Arwen, for just being you and for gettin’ on with life with all the gusto and zest you embody is that sweet Soul of yours👏


    Extra hugs to that teddy bear Arwen!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    Btw….the costumes are brilliant!! Well done!

  3. hdowningbarrier- I would love to connect with you as our beginning stories, dog age/fitness, and lifestyle seem very similar. Your story and photos give me hope even though I know all are different. We may be going down the path of amputation, chemo, and all that with our 9.5yr old husky mix, Molly. We have a consult with the oncologist this Wednesday to confirm initial suspicions of osteosarcoma and next steps.
    Once we know more I will most likely make an account on here, but for now it would be great to connect via email or similar if possible.

    1. I’m so sorry about Molly. An osteosarcoma diagnosis, and really any cancer, is such hard news to receive. I hope your dog does well, no matter what the diagnosis ends up being.

      I would love to connect! I talk to a lot of fellow tripawd parents on Instagram, where we share stories and message back and forth. Do you happen to have an Instagram account? We could do email, too. I am not on my personal email a lot because I spend a lot of time on my work email, but I check it every few days.

      Let me know! I would love to be kept updated on Molly. And I am happy to tell you everything we did with Arwen. 🙂

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