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Another year with Arwen – 15.5 Months Post Op

It’s time for another year, and I am just updating Arwen’s blog to let everyone know she is still happy and healthy. She’s rocking the tripawd life, and enjoying the snow. She had a lot of adventures this year, and I know more will come in 2021.

I just want to send a message of positivity to anyone who is going through their dog becoming a tripawd. Arwen can still do pretty much everything non-tripawds can do.

Here she is getting on a paddleboard this summer:

And she always loves going out in the snow:



And of course, she loves just being with her family. Especially her fellow doggy cousins.


Happy New Year to everyone! We’re running out of 2020 and into 2021 with hope!


4 thoughts on “Another year with Arwen – 15.5 Months Post Op”

  1. Has to be the happiest videos of a tripawd dog (or any dog for that matter), enjoying life to the fullest!!!😁😁😁 I am filled with so much joy seeing Arwen being Arwen!! She is soooo loved and ahe clearly loves her hoomans!! You three embody how dogs are family and are such an intregal part of our everyday adventures! They add so much fun and laughter and happiness and love to every moment of everyday. But you know that .

    That is such a great photo of Arwen and all her cousins and hooman family. Lots of love and cuteness in that photo!!

    The videos really remove any doubts to anyone who has concerns about a tripawd being able to do things they’ve always enjoyed. And Arwen clearly enjoys having fun with her hoomans and showing off her athletic prowess! Seeing her wade out to meet the paddleboard with tail wagging with excitement..and then seeing her hop up for the ride…just blew me away!!! And outrunning you through the snow….OMD…..this dog has the best life evvvver with you!!!!

    Thank you so much, so very much for sharing this uplifting update on beautiful Arwen!💖 And HAPPY 15.5 MONTH AMPUVERSARY!! Keep em coming!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS….I Know Jerry will want to put these videos in our tripawd video channel!

    1. Thanks you as always for your loving comments. Arwen is always blowing us away, too. She means so much to us, and all the happiness we give her she pays back to us double (AT LEAST). Hope you and your family is having a wonderful New year.

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    Arwen you make our hearts sing with joy, it is the most pawesome thing to see you having such great adventures! You and your people embody what it means to BE MORE DOG and live in the now.

    Watching you get up on that paddleboard just blew our minds, you are so strong! All that hard work your parents are doing (and you too!) to keep you fit is clearly paying off because you are rockin’ life on land, sea and snow! Now what’s next, base jumping?!

    We celebrate this great milestone with you and your people, and send lots of love your way. Cheers to many more good times! Thank you so very much for taking time to update.

    1. Base jumping, huh? If we ever did it, Arwen would be right there asking to be included for sure!

      Thank you as always for your loving comments, and of course for having the Tripawd site in the first place. Seeing the pictures of dogs enjoying life on 3 legs on your site made us feel better when we had to take that step with Arwen, and we are grateful to be able to help make others feel better in turn.

      We’re so sorry for the loss you faced this year. We know going into the New Year may be feeling a little incomplete for you both, and we’re sending lots of love your way.

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