11 Months Post-Op

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I have not updated Arwen’s blog in far too long! But we got good news that I just had to share!

Veterinary Follow Up

We did decide to do a 6 month follow-up for Arwen’s next chest xrays, but because of COVID it ended up being 8 months. But we got the good news a couple of weeks ago that her lungs are clear! We’re so beyond happy! It’s so stressful wondering if the cancer has metastasized, and such a relief to us that it hasn’t. Realizing that we are quickly coming upon over a year post-op, we are thrilled with this news. Every day we get with Arwen is such a joy.


Continuing Care

We continue to do Arwen’s physical therapy exercises every day, and she hasn’t had a day without a walk in 5 months. She gets a mostly homemade diet with veggies and poultry or fish and her K9 Medicinal mushroom supplements.

Arwen continues to go on lots of adventures with us. She has successfully been swimming (with a life jacket) and we just took her paddleboarding for the first time with 3 legs, and she did perfect!



Arwen also celebrated her 10th birthday in July!! This birthday was all the more special because we didn’t know at one point if she would have it.



We will continue to make the most of every day with have with our sweet pupper. She is so happy and healthy right now. I look back at where we were a year ago and know we made some right decisions.

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7 thoughts on “11 Months Post-Op”

    1. I was in the same position the first couple weeks after amputation! Hang in there, it can get so much better after the first 2 weeks! Sending you guys love.

  1. Grinning ear to ear over here! Love, love, love everything about this pupdate!!!

    And these pictures are glorious! Seeing Arwen sooooo happy and clearly enjoying herself is why we do what we do😎 The photo of smiling Arwen and her smiling hooman on the paddleboard and their reflection in the water…..beautiful on so many levels!!

    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!!! And YAAAAY for good xrays!

    Arwen is truly an inspiration and spectacular TRIPAWD ROCKSTAR living life to the fullest!!
    Still grinning ear to ear over here because I keep scrolling backmup looking at those delightful pictures😁

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. A birthday, an amuversary, a kick-butt chemo report, wow! Life don’t get no better than this my friends, we are just elated and doing a hoppy dance of joy for Arwen and you. What a beautiful celebration of a one-of-a-kind soul, we are so blessed to have you as part of this community. The hope Arwen’s story is giving to others, and will always continue to do, ripples across the universe!

    CONGRATULATIONS you guys! This is truly an unforgettable day filled with many milestones to celebrate. Thank you for sharing the great news with us! May there be many, many more occasions like this to follow!

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